Big Improvements. Small Budget.

You can make big improvements in the overall look of a room just by eliminating some common decorating mistakes, and you won’t spend a fortune doing it.

Hanging Art too High
When art is mounted too high it appears to be floating in space, art should relate to the furniture below it. A rule of thumb is that it should be between 12″ to 14″ above the back of the sofa or chair. If it being mounted on a wall without furniture below, then the upper 1/3 of the art should be at eye level of a average height person, (5′-8″).

Everything Matches! Not.
Matchy- Matchy decorating, when everything in the room matches the room becomes stale and boring. Buying a suite of matching furniture went out years ago. Mix it up with something that makes the room your own.

Unedited Accessories

We are all natural born collectors. The trick is realizing that every object, gift or family treasure need not be displayed all at one time. Pick out new accessories now and then that reflect your current design taste. Arrange and organize accessories by grouping collections together on a table or shelf, like a collection of old bottles or some other things that you have been collecting or have been adding to over the years. Make a statement with a large scale designer vase filled with a fresh bunch of flowers that add color and freshness to the room and use this to create a focal point in the room as well. Keep several vases handy and change often. Remember that odd numbers of items look better to the eye.