Lighting the Way

Where and when do you use certain styles and sizes?

Lighting is used for a variety of reasons, the most obvious is ambient lighting in a room. This is usually achieved with some type of overhead light fixture. Designers know that a room can be transformed by using different types of lighting. For example a torchiere light fixture will highlight ceiling details as well as provide good overall lighting

Wall sconces are another great way to provide good lighting for a stairwell or a walkway, while adding style. Wall sconces are often used in conjunction with recessed down lighting in bathrooms to provide good lighting when standing in front of a mirror, you get light from above as well as in front of you, women love this type of lighting set up especially at their makeup vanity.

Floor lamps are great when located next to a favorite reading chair, they give off good direct light. If you want a fixture that directs light only to your reading area then you would use a pharmacy type of floor lamp. The “pharmacy” style minimizes the spill over of light into the room.

As you know table lamps come in all shapes and sizes, different sizes are used in different areas such as:

Nightstand lamps should be between 30″ and 33″ high. Living room end table lamps should be about 29″ to 35″ high. Desk lamps should be 23″ to 26″ high. Floor lamps are 60″ high generally and a torchiere is usually about 66″ high. Wall sconces are normally mounted about 66″ to 72″ off the floor.

Remember when choosing a light fixture that form follows function, determine the type of lighting that is required then select the style.