About Us

Nestled up to Kawai Nui Marsh, Lanikai Home is owned by the Parker family, lifelong residents of Kailua and Lanikai. Stocked with a unique variety of accessories for home decor and gifts, Lanikai Home reflects its owners love of beauty indoors and out.

Lanikai Home is led by the energetic, casually elegant Mona Parker.  With a professional background in fashion design, and more than 15 years working in the interior design business, Mona’s finely honed aesthetic governs the selection of interesting and eclectic accessories and “finishing touches” that people love about Lanikai Home.  Born and raised in Kailua, Mona is Hawaiian — cultural influences and the windward environment influence her work.

The local style sensibilities of the Parker family have led to their “It’s All About Kailua” line of T-shirts —  some are wearable art, and others are funny, insider Hawai`i designs — all in good taste, of course.

Partnering with Mona is her oldest son Steven, whose expansive spirit and uproarious humor keeps everyone in a good mood, and influences the concept and the design of the T-shirt line.  His degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Hawai`i gives Steven a unique perspective on the business of how people live and helping them select the perfect piece for their home, or as a gift.

Well known local interior designer and “Dad” Wayne Parker has built a reputation for excellence in design, Working with residential and commercial customers alike, Wayne is known for his Hawai`i sensibilities, keeping his eye on the budget and managing his projects for the ultimate convenience of his customers.

Younger son Noah has spent several years in the sales end of the business, and is a favorite of customers at Ferguson where the latest trends and cutting-edge styles in plumbing, lighting and appliance fixtures can be found.  Noah brings his flare for customer service and current trends to Lanikai Home, working  on weekends when he’s free.